The main participation conditions

The School consists of two stages: the distant education stage and the full-time education stage. Key dates are shown in the calendar of events. Please read the events calendar carefully. Final year bachelors, master students, PhD students and young researchers are invited for participation.

Distant education stage

Duration: February 18 - March 2.

At this stage, under the guidance of Professor Ivan Timbai, applicants should study lecture materials and do assignments and tests. During distance stage, participants will gain basic knowledge in the field of space flight mechanics and dynamics.

According to the results of assignments and tests, participants of the full-time stage (in Samara) will be selected from applicants.

Full-time education stage

Duration: June 17 - June 29.

In the first week, participants will have lectures on the basics of nanosatellite technologies (design and construction of nanosatellites, features of the dynamics of motion, navigation, control, etc.). Training will be held on the use of SolidWorks software for nanosatellite design and Altium Design Software for electronic subsystems design.

In the second week, several lectures on advanced space technologies will be given, and most of the time the participants will work on a group project.

Four options for the nanosatellites missions will be offered for each team. Main ideas of  the these missions will be announced at the begining of the full-time stage. School participants can also propose their own projects.

Each team will perform mission analysis, prepare a presentation and defend the results of their work in front of the team of  experts. Approved projects may be further extended.

At the end of the course, all the participants will receive certificates confirming successful completion of 3.5ECTS training in the Advanced Space Technology and Space Experiments program.

The cost of participation in the School

Participation in the distant education stage of the School is free.

The participation in the School is partially sponsored by Samara University, thus the price for a participant is only 250 euros (in case of payment in US dollars, depends on the current exchange rate). Payments must be made by participants at registration day (17/06/2019) in cash.

This price includes the cost of accommodation in the University hostel, three meals per day, training, transfer from the airport and to the airport.

Participants can take part in the following one-day tours by request:
- on Saturday, a boat trip up the Volga river with a visit to the national park Samarskaya Luka and the Museum of the artist Ilya Repin;
- on Sunday, a trip to Togliatti (80 km from Samara) with a visit to the technical open air Museum.
The cost of each tour is 50 euros.