Full-time education stage

Duration: August 30 - September 10.

In the first week, participants will have lectures on the basics of nanosatellite technologies (design and construction of nanosatellites, features of the dynamics of motion, navigation, control, etc.). Training will be held on the use of MATLAB software for nanosatellite mission analysis and other simulations. 

In the second week, several lectures on advanced space technologies will be given. Besides, all participants will be devided in four teams. 

For each team will be offered nanosatellite mission for studying. Main goals of  the these missions will be announced at the begining of the full-time stage. School participants can also propose their own missions.

Each team will perform mission analysis, prepare a presentation and defend the results of their work in front of the experts. 

At the end of the School, all the participants will receive certificates confirming successful completion of 5 ECTS training in the Advanced Space Technology and Space Experiments program.