Participation - Summer Space School


The main participation conditions

The School consists of two stages: the distant education stage and the full-time education stage. Key dates are shown in the calendar of events. Please read the events calendar carefully. Final year bachelors, master students, PhD students and young professionals are invited for participation.

At the end of the School, all the participants will receive certificates confirming successful completion of 5 ECTS training in the Advanced Space Technology and Space Experiments program.

The cost of participation in the School

School payment:
- 500 USD.

The payment covers tuition, transfer from the airport of Samara to the hotel, accommodation fee, meals 3 times a day (29 August – 9 September 2022).

The payment for the School must be made only by participants, selected to participate in the full-time stage.

Possible addition payment caused by COVID19 restrictions:

Before accommodation in the hostel of Samara University, it is necessary that each participant has a PCR test and receive a negative result, after arriving on the territory of the Russian Federation.

In this regard, all participants of the School have to arrive in advance in Samara on August 24 or 25 in order to have time to pass the PCR test and receive its result. The School management decided to organize preliminary accommodation of the School participants in the Oktyabrskaya Hotel (15 minutes walk to Samara University) for a period from August 24 to 27, as well as a PCR test for each participant. Accommodation at the Oktyabrskaya Hotel and two PCR tests (on arrival and before departure) are not included in the registration fee and are paid by the School participant independently (the cost of accommodation is from $12 to $25 per day, the cost of each PCR test is $25). Check-in of the School participants at the Oktyabrskaya Hotel will take place from 14.00 on 24 August. Participants who arrive in Samara before August 24 will have to independently look for a place to stay before checking into a hotel.

Also, if you wish, you can take an PCR test at the Airport in Moscow and come to Samara with the result.

Participants can take part in the following one-day tours by request:

- on Saturday, a boat trip up the Volga river with a visit to the national park Samarskaya Luka and the Museum of the artist Ilya Repin;

- on Sunday, a trip to Togliatti (80 km from Samara) with a visit to the Technical Open Air Museum.

The cost of each tour is 50 USD.