Aims of the School

The overall objective of the School is to involve young people in the development and implementation of experiments in space, with a view of obtaining new fundamental knowledge and applied technologies based on utilization of microsatellites.
During the School young people will be able to share ideas and results, listen to lectures and practices of leading scientists and experts in the field of space technologies and space experiments.

Main topics of the School program in 2011
- Projects of scientific-educational microsatellites
- Modern technologies (methods and devices) for investigations of space environment, for Earth remote sensing
- Modern attitude control technologies for micro satellites
- Modern technologies of tether system utilization for de-orbiting payloads
- Modern space navigation technologies
- Design principles of onboard electronic systems (control, telemetry, power systems) for micro satellites
- The problems of recoverable capsules motion in Earth’s atmosphere
- State-of-art information technologies for microsatellite’s design (ProEng/Altium Designer/STK)