Workshop program

Sunday, August 18

Arrival of participants

Monday, August 19

10.00-13.00 Opening Ceremony. Greetings
                       Presentation 1. International Projects of National Research University SSAU
                       Presentation 2. International Summer Space Schools from 2003 till 2013 and SSAU scientific-educational projects and experiments in space
                       Presentation 3. Multi-Agent Technology for Aerpospace Applications
14.00-17.00    Presentation 4. Skolkovo foundation: foresight development (the representative of Skolkovo Foundation) Presentations from universities - School participants

Tuesday, August 20
10.00-13.00 Presentation 5. Perspective development roadmaps of Samara Rocket Space Center "TsSKB-Progress"
                     Lecture1. Piggyback launches of the nanosatellites from the orbital stages of carrier rocket "Soyuz": opportunities and problems

14.00-17.00 Lecture 2. Introduction to the state-of-art information technologies for microsatellites
                     design (ProEng/Altium Designer/STK)

Wednesday, August, 21 Topic: Circumterrestrial and Solar Space Physics
09.00-10.30 Lecture 3. Space navigation.
11.00-12.30 Lecture 4. Control of the nanosatellites motionry training
14.00-17.00 Classes: IT for micro/ nanosatellites.   (ProEng/Altium Designer)

Thursday, August, 22 Topic: Circumterrestrial and Solar Space Physics
09.00-10.30 Lecture 5. The details of the nanosatellite motion's dynamics
11.00-12.30 Lecture 6. Design of the modern navigational receivers
14.00-17.00 Classes: IT for micro/ nanosatellites.   (ProEng/Altium Designer)

Friday, August, 23 Topic: Methods and devices for Earth Remote Sensing
09.00-12.30 Lecture 7. Methods and equipment of the remote sensing of the Earth
                     Visit SSAU Remote Sensing Center
                     Excursion to the Stalin's bunker.
14.00-17.00 Classes: IT for micro/ nanosatellites.   (ProEng/Altium Designer)

Saturday, August, 24 Rest day: boat trip

Sunday, August, 25 Rest Day: visit the Technical Museum

Second Week: Nanosatellite's development.
Professor of the Vigo University Fernando Aguado (Spain)

Monday, August, 26 Topic:  Introduction to System Engineering Process following the ECSS standards
09.00-12.30 Lecture
14.00-17.00 Classes / Excursion to the Museum of the Aviation and Cosmonautics

Tuesday, August, 27 Topic: Mission Requirement Document, System Requirement Document
09.00-12.30 Lecture
14.00-17.00 Classes/ Presentation 6: Yury Gagarin and Samara

Wednesday, August, 28 Topic: Functional Architecture
09.00-12.30 Lectures
14.00-17.00 Laboratory training/ Visit to the Institute of space instruments development

Thursday, August, 29 Topic: Operational Modes
09.00-12.30 Lectures
14.00-17.00 Practice / Excursion to the Center of the History of Aviation Engines

Friday, August, 30 Topic: Budgets: Link Budget, Mass Budget, Environmental Budget, Data Budget and Power Budget
09.00-12.30 Lectures
13.00-14.00 Practice / Excursion to the Museum "Cosmic Samara"
                  Closing Ceremon


Saturday, August, 31 

10.00-12.30 Closing ceremony / Certificates delivery