Яндекс.Метрика Gagarin's Day - Summer Space School

Gagarin's Day


Cosmonautics Day is a memorable date not only for space scientists but also for all space lovers. On the eve of such an important date, Inter-University Space Research Department decided to recall how Gagarin's flight actually took place.



          1. He made his country proud.

Gagarin was able to complete a highly delicate mission without losing his cool. He handled the pressure of being the only man on a space flight for 108 minutes. As a result, he made his country proud.

          2. He was modest.

Gagarin was famous for being a modest man. This rare quality in a man so successful distinguished him from others.

          3. He was dedicated.
Even after winning multiple medals and being deemed a national hero, Gagarin refused to rest on his oars. After his flight, he began serving as a deputy to the Soviet of the Union, became deputy-training director of the Cosmonaut Training Facility, continued to work as a pilot, and even graduated cum laude from the Zhukovsky Air Force Engineering Academy. Gagarin continued to work hard despite all his achievements.


          1. Go stargazing.

          Have you ever wondered what the stars look like up close? Go stargazing when night comes around and use a telescope to get a closer look.

          2. School yourself.

          The world we live in is vast and mysterious. There are many little-known facts about our planet and the universe at large. Celebrate this monumental holiday by educating yourself about the globe and how it works so seamlessly and flawlessly.

          3. Share your knowledge with others.

          Post about this one-of-a-kind holiday on all your socials. Let others be informed about the commemoration of this special occasion in the history of our planet.

Here you can see VIDEO about Yuri Gagarin flight, Samara University and Samara in Space industry. 

HERE you can take a QUIZ about Cosmonautics Day and Yuri Gagarin's flight.

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